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Lightning Policy

This lightning policy applies to all practices, regular season games and tournaments:

  1. Thunder and lightning necessitates that practices and contests be suspended. The occurrence of thunder and/or lightning is not subject to interpretation or discussion - thunder is thunder, lightning is lightning.
  2. With your coach/site administrator, set up a plan for shelter prior to the start of any contest.
  3. When thunder is heard and/or when lightning is seen, the following procedures should be adhered to:
    • Suspend play and direct participants to go to a shelter, a building normally occupied by the public - or if a building is unavailable, participants should go inside a vehicle with a solid metal top (e.g. bus, van, or car).
    • After thunder and/or lightning have left the area, wait 30 minutes after the last boom is heard or strike is seen before resuming play or competition. The 30 minutes will be restarted after the last thunder clap or lightning strike. 
    • Do not permit people to stand under or near a tree; and have all stay away from poles, antennas, towers and underground watering systems.